Three Of The Reasons A Helicopter Pilot Training Flight Simulator Is Important

Three Of The Reasons A Helicopter Pilot Training Flight Simulator Is Important

30 June 2020
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Pilots are in great shortage all around the country. This is true for airline pilots as well as helicopter pilots. Helicopter pilots have a lot of opportunities in the medical industry, fire fighting industry, and tourist industry right now. If you've been thinking about getting your training but aren't sure you are up to all the rigors of flying a helicopter, there are a few things you may want to know about the helicopter pilot training flight simulator.

Essential Part of Training Hours

There are a lot of hours involved with training to get a license for flying a helicopter. Most of the flight hours required to get a license will be in an actual helicopter with a flight instructor or on your own. However, before any of that can happen you'll be required to take a course in a flight simulator for helicopters. The amount of training required in a simulator will vary depending on the type of licensing and schooling you are involved in. If you are interested in becoming a commercial helicopter pilot, the hours are significantly more, and they will include instruction from a flight instructor and reviews of your performance in the simulator for training purposes.

Getting Comfortable with the Flying Environment

The major purpose of getting experience in a flight simulator is to get the beginner pilot comfortable with the flying environment. This experience will help you get a feel for the flight controls and what it feels like to fly in a variety of circumstances. A flight simulator is designed to feel as realistic as possible, and give a pilot a variety of experiences, including difficult flying situations to fly in and successfully deal with. You'll have the opportunity to get some experience in what it feels like to lift off and land in a helicopter. Many novice pilots feel a lot more at ease the first time they fly in a real helicopter after spending several hours in a simulator. If you are unsure about committing to a school because of certain fears you have, then you may be able to pay to get a session or two in the simulator before signing up for school. Then you'll know for sure if it's the right thing for you.

Flying is incredibly safe, and the training process is designed to help new pilots have a positive experience. Many people are nervous at first, but thankfully there are simulators that give a realistic-feeling experience to what it's like to fly. If being a pilot seems like a great career path, there are going to be more opportunities than can be filled over the next decade. It's a good time to get into a good school. 

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